Educational Visits

All schools are required to offer children a broad and balanced curriculum that promotes their spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development, and prepares them for the opportunities and experiences of adult life.

In our school we seek to ensure that the National Curriculum is delivered to all children, regardless of social background, race, gender or differences in ability. All are entitled to the development of knowledge, understanding, skills, and attitudes. To enrich the curriculum for our children, we also offer a range of educational visits and other activities that add to what they learn in school.

Please find below our School Visits Policy, which further details the schools approach to visits. Furthermore, attached in our ‘In Loco Parentis’ form; this enables staff to look after pupils on visits with the full confidence of the pupils’ parents. If you haven’t completed this form from the start of the academic year, please complete one using the link below and return it to the school office.



Educational Visits Policy