A Note from the Chair of Governors

The Governing Committee

The Governing Committee plays a key part in the life of Galley Hill Primary School. Alongside the Senior Leadership Team, we are responsible for improving the whole life within the school and also its impact on the local community. One of our key roles  is to look at conduct within the school – ensuring that it is as good as possible. We also work to promote the achievement of high standards.

We try to ensure that the school provides all its pupils with a good education and supports them in their personal development. We do this by taking on a strategic role within the life of the school; we ask ‘difficult questions’ of the SLT and hold them accountable for their decisions and actions.

We are involved in the cycle of setting aims and objectives and we agree, monitor and review policies, targets and priorities in the school.

We have a number of other roles within the school and these include, but are not limited to;

  • Being a link between the school, parents and the local community.
  • Providing challenge and strategic direction to the SLT.
  • Review the impact of decisions and actions within the school, looking at how they improve the educational environment and the outcomes of students’ learning.
  • Having an input within the recruitment process for senior school staff.
  • Ensuring that the school complies with all relevant rules and policies.

The Role of Chair

Being the Chair of the Governing Committee is an important role within the leadership and management of Galley Hill Primary School.

To do this, the Chair works closely with the headteacher to promote and maintain high educational standards within the school and ensures that the Governing Committee has clear and concise information, allowing it to offer challenge and critique about the school’s strategic direction.

The Chair works closely with the headteacher to review progress and achievements, to see how decisions made by the Governing Committee are affecting the school and ensure that this information is communicated to the rest of the Governing Committee.

Throughout the year, the Chair can act as a sounding board for the headteacher on strategic issues and have a role within the committee structure – if needed – to deal with behaviour problems within the school.

LSB Chairs are welcome to visit the school outside of meetings to see the students in their learning environment and also to see them when they are taking part in special events.