Terms & Conditions

Galley Hill Primary School

Breakfast and After School Club

Terms and Conditions


As part of our commitment to providing extended school care, Galley Hill Primary School is pleased to be able to offer our Breakfast and After School provision. Please find below our Terms & Conditions:



Breakfast and After-School Clubs will be held in the Studio in School. Children will be able to take part in a variety of planned activities in the communal area such as art and craft, reading, playing board games, etc. We hope to have a different ‘themed’ activity each day that the children can choose to take part in if they wish. Please use the side door near the caretakers bungalow, through the gate.


Opening Times

The clubs will operate from Monday to Friday during term-time only.

Breakfast Club will open from 7.30am to 8.40am. A variety of cereals, toast, fruit, drinks and other breakfast items will be available. Breakfast is included in the cost. Please inform us of any allergies or intolerances on the registration form.

After School Club will be open from 3.15pm to 6.00pm. Snacks will be served in the After School Club.



Breakfast sessions are £4

After school sessions are £7 until 4.30pm and £12 until 6pm

(Please note that charges will apply for late collection)



Parents have 3 options of payment, either by voucher schemes set up by their employer, Tax-Free Childcare or via our online payment system, Lets Localise. If you would like to pay by vouchers please contact the school office who will make the necessary arrangements.

Payment must be made in advance via the Lets Localise system.



We ask that parents ensure payment is made in advance. Should the account go into arrears, we will phone to discuss, with provision being withdrawn if it cannot be cleared.



Bookings are made by parents online using the Lets Localise system. Sessions can be booked daily, weekly, monthly, or half-termly.


Ad-Hoc and Short Notice Bookings

Ad-hoc and one-off bookings can be made depending upon availability. The booking system is open up to 1 hour before the session start time. In an emergency, please contact the school office.

Signing In

All children attending Breakfast Club must be signed in by an adult upon arrival.


Collecting Children

All children attending After School Club must be signed out when collected; the time of signing out must also be recorded. Please notify wraparound by email if someone different will be collecting your child. We will not allow your child to leave with a person for whom we have not received authorisation. Please do not send anyone under the age of 16 to collect your child.


Late Collection

Parents should collect their child promptly before the end of the session. If a parent is delayed they should contact the wraparound staff on 07522878693. If a child is not collected by 6pm and we have not received notification of delay, the emergency contact on the booking form will be contacted.


Late Collection Charges

An additional amount of £5.00 per child per 15 minutes will be charged if a child is not collected by 6pm. Traffic will not be classed as ‘exceptional circumstances’.


Cancellation / Refunds

Refunds will not be given for non-attendance. In the case of illness, parents/carers can cancel sessions via Lets Localise. We will offer refunds if the club is forced to close due to snow, heating failure, staffing shortage etc


Pupil Information

You will be asked to complete a registration form if you would like to use the extended school provision. Information contained in this document will be used if there is a need for a parent to be contacted and for those children with medical needs. Please ensure that any changes in emergency contact or medical needs are reported to the school office and to the wraparound email as soon as possible so that we always have accurate and up to date information. All registration forms will be kept confidentially and stored in a locked cabinet when not in use.


Pupil Illness

If your child becomes unwell during Breakfast or After School Club you will be contacted by a member of staff. Please notify the school office, or email wraparound@galleyhillprimary.co.uk, of any contact detail changes as soon as possible so that emergency contact details are accurate.

If your child is suffering from a contagious illness such as diarrhoea or vomiting, they must not return to school for at least 48hours after the last episode occurred. This will help limit the spread of illness.



The number of staff in the extended care sessions will vary depending on the number of children but it will always follow the correct adult to pupil ratio as per government guidelines. In addition to this, the Headteacher will be contactable, as well as a qualified first aider. All staff have current Disclosure and Barring checks in place and are registered on the Single Central Register.


Contingency Arrangements for Staff Absence and Emergencies

If a member of staff is absent, arrangements will be made by the Headteacher to ensure that a suitably qualified member of school staff is available to run the session.


Policies and Procedures

All policies and procedures of Galley Hill Primary school are strictly adhered to during Breakfast and After-School club sessions.



Breakfast and After-School Club is self-financing.

The attendance fees are designed to cover all costs of the sessions. This includes staffing, resources and day-to-day running costs

It may be necessary to change fees from time to time however parents/carers will be given sufficient advance warning



All food and drink will be provided by the staff, who are all fully trained in the necessary food hygiene standards. Breakfast and the After-School snack will be served.


Electronic Devices

Electronic devices are not allowed at the extended school clubs.